Stations on Yellow Line B

Line B heads from southeast to northeast and its distinguishable color is yellow. There 24 stations in operation and the total length is 25.7 kilometers. The journey from Černý Most to Zličín takes about 42 minutes to complete. The transit capacity peaks at about 21 000 passengers in an hour during morning and evening commute. It is the longest as well as the most recent line to be built. Construction of the first section started in 1979 and finished 6 years later, in 1985.

List of all stations on Line B

Name Barrier-free access Transfer
Zličín YES
Stodůlky YES
Luka YES
Lužiny YES
Hůrka YES
Nové Butovice YES
Smíchovské nádraží YES
Karlovo náměstí
Národní třída
Můstek A
Náměstí Republiky
Florenc C
Vysočanská YES
Kolbenova YES
Hloubětín YES
Rajská zahrada YES
Černý Most YES

You can find timetable for Line B here

Station interiors

Most of the stations on Line B are built quite deep under the surface. They are aisled and massive pillars with wide platforms can be found in every station. Interiors are artfully decorated and look nearly luxurious with just a touch of mystery. It is evident, that architects designing the stations paid close attention to lighting,