Metro in Prague

Thank you for visiting our page This page aims to provide you with the information about Prague Metro and help you with understanding Prague public transport in general. You will find many useful tips and tricks, information about individual metro stations or when the metro system is out of service. We will also update the page with any news regarding the Prague public transport system. He hope you will find the information useful.

Prague metro – Basic information

Prague metro - The riding train

Prague metro – The riding train

Metro. Everyone has heard of it. The underground train which provides transportation to hundreds of millions of people each year is maybe the most famous mean of transportation in Czech republic, although it only operates in the capital of Prague. It  is also the most busiest. Every day, it services about 1.6 million people on its 3 lines which run for a total of 65 kilometres. There are 61 stations  from which 3 of them serve as an interchange points between the lines. Lines are mainly built underground and in several cases also run under the river Vltava. Parts of the line C are however built to operate above ground.

The metro system was built in the socialist era with the aim to ensure the biggest transport capacity possible. Nowadays, as the population of Prague continues to rise, it turned out to be a very smart move.

Prague metro – Fares 

Here you can find all the fares, including pre-paid time tickets.

Fares in Prague Public Transport 
Source: Child (6-15) Adult (15-60) Senior (60-70) 0-6/70+
Tickets Type of ticket Individual tickets  (one person only) 
Basic 16 czk 32 czk 16 czk 0 czk
Short-term 12 czk 24 czk 12 czk 0 czk
1 day 55 czk 110 czk 55 czk 0 czk
3 days x 310 czk x 0 czk
Source: Junior (15-19) Student (19-26) Adult (26-60) Senior (60-65)
Pre-paid time tickets Type of ticket Pre-paid time tickets
30 days 260 czk 260 czk 550 czk 250 czk
90 days 720 czk 720 czk 1480 czk 660 czk
150 days 1200 czk 1200 czk 2450 czk 1100 czk
300 days 2400 czk 2400 czk x x
365 days x x 3650 czk x

How big is the headway? 

In short, very small! There several factors, such as time of day, line or which day of the week it actually is. The metro system is the most busiest from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 AM. Then, the headway is about a minute. The average headway for an entire week is about 4 minutes.

If you are interested in timetables for individual lines, please visit these pages: Line A, Line B, Line C.

Prague metro – City and Suburban line

Prague is divided into two zones

  • The city zone – marked P
  • Suburban zone – marked 0
  • The area between these two zones is marked as B

The suburban zone is further divided into 7 sub zones marked from 1 to 7, depending on their distance from the center of the city with 7 being the most distant.

In the city zone, you are entitled to use the services of:

  • Metro system
  • Trams
  • Buses 100 to 299 and 501 to 599
  • Funicular to Petřín
  • Ferries
  • Certain train lines

In the suburban zone, you are entitled to the services of:

  • Buses 300 to 399 and 601 to 620
  • Certain train lines

You can find more information about Prague Integrated Transport here:

Wheelchair access

Comfortable access to all stations for everybody? That is how it should be and therefore the accessibility of the station keeps improving. As of now, 38 stations are accessible to people with disabilities. Somewhere, the process is quite slow, because it just simply was not thought of, when the stations were being built.

How do you tell, if the station provides a wheelchair access? It is very simple. There is a symbol with a wheelchair to be found in every station providing this access. You can also find all these stations on this map – here.

Metro system in the future

Many of you may be wondering, how Prague metro will continue to develop. Last year, Line A was extended and new stations were added to the system. These are  Bořislavka, Nádraží Veleslavín, Petřiny and Nemocnice Motol.

Prague metro station - Namesti Miru

Metro station – Náměstí Míru

Other plans include the proposed construction of a new Line D. It was Approved by the City magistrate and construction is scheduled to begin this year (2017). The Line D itself should be operational by the year 2022. You can read more about the Line D here:

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Bonus information
  • Metro is of a soviet design, and is built to have the biggest transit capacity possible.
  • The longest escalator can be found in the Náměstí Míru station and is 87.2 meters long.
  • Náměstí Míru is also the deepest built station, being in the depth of 53 meters.
  • In the year 2013, the metro system transported a total of 584 million passengers. That is roughly 1.6 million a day.
  • Total length of an entire system is 65.2 kilometres.
  • The longest distance between two individual stations is 2748 metres (Kobylisy – Nádraží Holešovice)
  • The shortest distance, on the other hand, is between stations Muzeum and Hlavní nádraží and is only 425 metres.

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