Helpful Links

My Connections (link)

Are you looking for information about your journey? Would you like to know, if there are any transit restrictions on your journey? Visit the My Connections page.

Purchase of tickets (link – only in Czech)

Here, you can buy time coupons for your Opencard. You can pay using your credit card, or more conveniently, on-line by SERVIS24 It is also possible to use a payment order. It is necessary to activate the coupon in one of the validators present in Prague metro system.

Free credit – 35$ for your first accommodation!

Would you like to have a stylish and at the same time comfortable accommodation? The best way how to get to know the local culture and to find new friends is through Airbnb. Every time we travel to a new country we use this kind of accommodation. Therefore, we can truly recommend it! Moreover, we have provided a discount of 750 Czech crowns for your first stay – it is a worth a try, isn’t it?

Voucher – 10% off the final price for accommodation

Would you rather stay in a pretty apartment or a hotel, where you have all-inclusive services? Especially for you we’ve prepared unique discount. On every booking of your accommodation you can get 10% off the final price. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this promotion!

Suggestions (link)

It is also possible to make a suggestion, in order to improve a quality of provided services. To make a suggestion, please fill the form in the link above.

Commendation (link)

Would you like to let the Prague Public Transit Co. know, that you were satisfied with the services they provided? Write a commendation! It will surely make someone happy.

Complaint about SMS ticket (link – only in Czech)

It is possible, that even if you sent a code on the correct number, the confirmation SMS was not received. Usually, it is not that much of a big deal, but when you meet traffic inspector, it is definitely an unpleasant experience. You ended up paying a hefty fine, what now? Well, you can file a complaint with the provider of the service, ERIKA a.s.

Certificate of study (link – PDF download)

To be eligible for a student discount, you have to fill in the certificate, have it confirmed in your school and then bring it to the nearest ticket office of Prague Public Transit Co.

Lost-and-found (link)

It is almost nightmarish to think about, but sometimes it can happen. If you lost something in public transportation, you can fill this form to find out, if your lost item has been found.