Metro in Beijing 🧐 – Map 2020, lines, stations and tickets

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Beijing has been the capital of China for centuries and the largest center of all the country’s legal, cultural and commercial affairs. Its population is close to 20 million, making it one of the top ten largest cities in the world. If you are going to Beijing, this article, which is packed with interesting information and useful information not only about local transport, will certainly come in handy.

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Places of interest

  • The Forbidden City ranks among the most visited places in Beijing. This architectural monument is a collection of several historic buildings and gardens. Although there are dozens of tourists, there are also several hidden cozy streets.
  • Visiting the Great Wall of China if you are near Beijing is almost an obligation – Mutianyu Great Wall is a prospect in the less fused part of the wall, and it will be appreciated especially by those who do not like walking through crowds of tourists.
  • Gubei Water Town is a small town on the outskirts of Beijing. It will enchant you with its fabulous atmosphere, narrow streets and many beautiful restaurants.

Basic information about the metro in Beijing

Beijing Metro is the oldest and busiest subway system in China. It was first introduced to the inhabitants in 1969. At present, a total of 22 lines are in operation and the route is spread over 370 stations. The total length of the route is 608 km, and is the second largest transport network after Shanghai. By 2021, further expansion of up to 999 km is planned.

Ticket price

You can buy the fare in Beijing in two forms. One is the classic fare, the price of which increases according to the number of kilometers exceeded. A trip up to 6 kilometers will cost you 3 yuan and with each additional 6 kilometers, you will pay an extra 1 yuan. Retired, physically disabled, soldiers, police, as well as a child up to 130 cm accompanied by a parent can be taken for free. For traveling to the airport you will pay 25 yuan.

Another way is to purchase a Yikatong card. You can get it and conquer it at any metro station. The card will pay off especially to those who will be in Beijing for a long time. Advantageously you can conquer fare here for example for a month or longer.

Download Beijing metro map 2020 in PDF


The list of all metro stations in Beijing

Metro has a total of 370 stations. These echo on the following lines and their directions:

Line Stationes
Line 1 Pingguoyuan–Guchenglu–Bajiao Amusement Park–Babaoshan–Yuquanlu–Wukesong–Wanshoulu–Gongzhufen–Military Museum–Muxidi–Nanlishilu–Fuxingmen–Xidan–Tian’anmen West–Tian’anmen East–Wangfujing–Dongdan–Jianguomen–Yong’anli–Guomao–Dawanglu–Sihui–Sihui Dong
Line 2 (Inner ring) Xizhimen–Chegongzhuang–Fuchengmen–Fuxingmen–Changchunjie–Xuanwumen–Hepingmen–Qianmen–Chongwenmen–Beijing Railway Station–Jianguomen–Chaoyangmen–Dongsishitiao–Dongzhimen–Yonghegong (Yonghe Lama Temple)–Andingmen–Gulou Dajie (Drum Tower Street)–Jishuitan
Line 4 Gongyixiqiao–Jiaomenxi–Majiabu–Beijing South Railway Station–Taoranting–Caishikou–Xuanwumen–Xidan–Lingjinghutong–Xisi–Ping’anli–Xijiekou–Xizhimen–Beijing Zoo–National Library–Weigongcun–Renmin University–Haidian Huangzhuang–Zhongguancun– East Gate of Beijing University–Yuanmingyuan (the Summer Palace)–Xiyuan–Beigongmen Anheqiao North
Line 5 Tiantongyuan North–Tiantongyuan–Tiantongyuan South–Lishuiqiao–Lishuiqiao South–Beiyuanlu North–Datunlu East–Huixinxijie Beikou–Huixinxijie Nankou–Hepingxiqiao–Hepingli Beijie–Yonghegong (Yonghe Lama Temple)–Beixinqiao–Zhangzizhonglu–Dongsi–Dengshikou–Dongdan–Chongwenmen–Ciqikou–Temple of Heaven (east entrance)–Puhuangyu–Liujiayao–Songjiazhuang
Line 6 Caofang–Changying–Huangqu–Dalianpo–Qiannian Road–Shilibao–Jintai Road–Hujialou–Dongdaqiao–Chaoyangmen–Dongxi–Nanluoguxiang (Nanluogu Lane)–Beihai North–Ping’anli–Chegongzhuang–Chegongzhuang West–Baishiqiao South–Huayuanqiao–Cishousi–Haidian Wuluju
Line 8 Zhuxinzhuang-Yuzhilu-Huilongguan East Street–Huoying–Xixiaokou–Yongtaizhuang–Lincuiqiao–South Gate of Forest Park–Olympic Park–Olympic Sports Center Stadium–Beitucheng–Anhuaqiao–Guloudajie (Drum Tower Street)-Shichahai-Nanluoguxiang-National Art Museum (Opening Soon)
Line 9 National Library–Baishiqiao South–Baiduizi–Beijing West Railway Station–Liuliqiao East–Liuliqiao–Qilizhuang–Fengtai Dongdajie–Fengtainanlu–Keyilu–Fengtai Science Park–Guogongzhuang
Line 10 Xiju–Liuliqiao–Lianhuaqiao–Gongzhufen–Xidiaoyutai–Cishousi–Chedaogou–Changchunqiao–Huoqiying–Bagou–Suzhoujie–Haidian Huangzhuang–Zhichunli–Zhichunlu–Xitucheng–Mudanyuan–Jiandemen–Beitucheng–Anzhenmen–Huixin Xijie Nankou–Shaoyaoju–Taiyanggong–Sanyuanqiao–Liangmaqiao–Agriculture Exhibition Center–Tuanjiehu–Hujialou–Jintaixizhao–Guomao–Shuangjing–Jinsong–Panjiayuan–Shilihe–Fenzhongsi–Chengshousi–Songjiazhuang–Shiliuzhuang–Dahongmen–Jiaomen East–Jiaomen West–Caoqiao–Jijiamiao–Shoujingma-Fengtai Railway Station-Niwa
Line 13 Xizhimen–Dazhongsi–Zhichunlu–Wudaokou–Shangdi–Xierqi–Longze–Huilongguan–Huoying–Lishuiqiao–Beiyuan–Wangjingxi–Shaoyaoju–Guangximen–Liufang–Dongzhimen
Line 15 Fengbo–Shunyi–Shimen–Nanfaxin–Houshayu–Hualikan–Guozhan–Sunhe–Maquanying–Cuigezhuang–Wangjing–Wangjing West
Batong Line Sihui–Sihui East–Gaobidian–Communication University of China–Shuangqiao–Guanzhuang–Bali Qiao–Tongzhoubeiyuan–Guoyuan–Jiuke Shu–Liyuan–Linheli–Tuqiao
Changping Line Nanshao–Shahe University Park–Shahe–Gonghua Cheng–Zhuxinzhuang–Life Science Park–Xierqi
Daxing Line Gongyixiqiao–Xingong–Xihongmen–Gaomidian North–Gaomidian South–Zaoyuan–Qingyuanlu–Huangcunxi Dajie–Huangcun Train Station–Yihezhuang–Biopharmaceutical Industrial Base–Tiangongyuan
Fangshan Line Guogongzhuang–Dabaotai–Daotian–Changyang–Libafang–Guangyang Cheng–Liangxiang University Town North–Liangxiang University Town–Liangxiang University Town West–Liangxiang Nanguan–Suzhuang
Yizhuang Line Songjiazhuang–Xiaocun–Xiaohongmen–Jiugong–Yizhuangqiao–Yizhuang Cultural Park–Wanyuan Jie–Rongjing Dongjie–Rongchang Dongjie–Tongji Nanjie–Jinghailu–Ciqu South–Ciqu-Yizhuang Railway Station (Opening Soon)
Airport Express T3-T2-Sanyuanqiao-Dongzhimen

Time tables

All lines of the Beijing Underground Traffic System start operations shortly after 5 am and end around 11 am. The frequency of trips depends on the capacity of the particular route and also on the specific day and time. A more detailed timetable can be found on site or on the Metro website.

Bus transportation

You can also easily use the bus service. You will use the same card as the metro. Timetable information can be found on site or on some websites without any problems.


There is also a taxi in the city. You can call him only on the street or in the places where the taxi is usually standing. For us Europeans, it is a relatively inexpensive way of transport, and taxis are on every corner. However, it is important to arrange the price in advance, otherwise, you are at risk that your local taxi drivers will get you more money than you would like.

However, we recommend that you use the UBER application, where you have the first free coupon for free!

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Whatever the reason for visiting Beijing, we wish you a lot of exciting experiences from this place. We hope that our article has helped you and that you now have a better idea not only of the city itself, but mainly of how to move around it.

Tip for you! While in Asia and Beijing, wouldn’t it be worth visiting Kuala Lumpur? It is one of the most modern cities in Asia. If you prefer nature, we recommend that you visit Sri Mahamariamman Temple.

We would be pleased if you would share your impressions of Beijing with us in the comments below and, if you wish, include some travel photos.