Red line C

Line C heads from north to south with the slight turn to the east on each end. The color used to distinguish Line C on plans and maps is red. There are 20 stations in total and length of an entire line is 22.41 kilometers. It takes about 36 minutes for a train to finish its journey between stations Háje and Letňany. It is the oldest as well as the most busiest line in Prague. During rush hour, it services up to 27 000 passengers in an hour. The most busiest section is between station I. P. Pavlova and Vyšehrad. 270 000 passengers are transported solely between these two stations every day! Sometimes, there are as much as 42 trains in use at once. Construction of Line C started in 1966 and finished 8 years later, in 1974.

List of all stations on Line C

Name Barrier-free access Transfer
Letňany YES
Prosek YES
Střížkov YES
Ládví YES
Kobylisy YES
Nádraží Holešovice YES
Vltavská YES
Florenc YES B
Hlavní nádraží YES
Muzeum YES A
I. P. Pavlova
Vyšehrad YES
Pražského povstání
Pankrác YES
Roztyly YES
Chodov YES
Opatov YES
Háje YES

You can find timetable for Line C HERE

Station renovations

Because some stations on Line C are the oldest ones in the entire metro system, they are no longer up to the standards. After devastating floods in 2002, the final decision was made and the renovations began.

Renovations are done carefully, with the goal to preserve the original design. Better lighting has been fitted and marble panels in each stated were changed for newer ones. The great part of renovations was also an effort to make all the stations on Line C barrier-free. Now, all but 4 stations can be labeled as barrier-free.