SMS ticket for Prague public transport

Do you occasionally visit Prague and would like to use its public transit, but do not want to search for newsagents or a nearby ticket machine? Or you just forgot to charge up your Lítačka card. Either way, this article about increasingly more popular SMS tickets is just for you! What are some advantages and how to get one?

Advantages of an SMS ticket

SMS ticket is valid in the entire zone of Prague Integrated Transport and is very easy to understand. You send the code, you can find below, to the number of DPP and you will promptly receive a text with the information required to show to the inspector as a necessary proof. The advantages are obvious. It is very quick to be sent and received and with no paper involved, you do a little bit to save our forests.

How to purchase an SMS ticket?

Here is a table, where you can find desired types of tickets and which code to type in to purchase a ticket.

Code Ticket
DPT24 Short term ticket for 30 minutes
DPT32 Basic ticket for 90 minutes
DPT110 1 day ticket*
DPT310 3 days ticket*
Tel. Number – 902 06

Confirmation SMS

You can see that there is an asterisk by the last two tickets. This means that the confirmation SMS is required. You need to say message “Ano” on number 902 06. It serves as a protection against unwanted purchases, which your operator might charge you for.


Similarly, in a case of an accidental deletion of your message, you can obtain a duplicate by sending  “DPTA” on 902 06 03. Price is 3 Czech crowns. In a short while, you will receive a text with the necessary information.

SMS ticket for Prague public transport
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