Prague Integrated Transport zones

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Today, we will look into Prague Integrated Transport. We will talk about some of its advantages and recent changes. Below, you can also find a map of the zones.

Prague Integrated Transport

It is a modern integrated mass transit system. Its aim is to satisfy needs of the passengers and to make the journey itself as pleasant as possible. It also continues to expand beyond the borders of Prague into the Středočeský region with the goal to compete with the individual car transport. There are three zones in the city of Prague. P, 0, B. Which zone you are currently in can be found at the stations of mass transit or using a map linked below.

Prague Integrated Transport zones - map

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What does Prague Integrated Transport include

You might be wondering which means of transportation are part of Prague Integrated Transport. Good news is, all metro lines are part of it, as well as some bus lines, trams and ferries and all rail lines coming out of Prague. Rail, trams and metro make up the “zone P”. Another good news is, that thanks to the integration, you can use your ticket from mass transit in the selected trains. Here is a plan, which might come in handy. Various connections can also be found on the IDOS page.

Zones P, 0, B

As we said, zone P is made by rails, trams, metro, ferries and funicular to Petřín. Zone 0 consists mainly of bus lines for commuters from the suburbs of Prague. Zone B is mainly identical to Zone 0, but the area of Zone B is much more peripheral

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