Transportation of bicycles in Prague metro

5 Bře

Today, we are going to tell you all about transportation of bicycles in the metro system. You will learn how much you have to pay and much other information.

Is it possible to transport a bicycle in the metro?

Yes, it actually is. But it is necessary to consider your surrounding and to not bother them with your bicycle. There is a place designated for those with bicycles and it is the end of the last car of each train. It is advised to hold the bicycle rather tight, to minimize the damage in case of unexpected braking. It is also important to say, that to transport the bicycle in the metro, you have to be at least 12 years old.

How much it actually costs?

It will come as a good news for many of you, but an only regular ticket is needed and there is no obligation to pay anything extra. You can, however, be fined, if you endanger other passengers while transporting your bike.

Use of elevators

It is fairly common knowledge, that bicycles and elevators do not go together. Some elevators are specifically modified to allow you to enter them with your bicycle. These elevators are in stations Skalka, Černý most, Letňany, Pankrác, Prosek, Střížkov, Ládví, Chodov a Háje. We urge you, however, to be extra careful to not harm anyone or to not damage the elevator.