Metro in Cairo 🧐 – Map 2019/2020, lines, stations and tickets

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Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, and with its 12 million (and an agglomeration of up to 15 million), it is the most popular city in the country. Its name means „Winner“, but due to its great importance not only for Africa but also as a link to Europe, it is often nicknamed „Big Mango“ or „Mother of the World“. The whole city is situated along the banks of the Nile River, with the newer neighborhoods centered closer to its shores, and the older ones are further away from it. If you are going to visit Cairo in the near future, you should not miss this article, filled with information not only about urban transport but also about interesting places you can visit during your visit.

Places of interest

  1. If you are in Cairo, surely you should not miss the seventh wonder of the world – Pyramids in Giza. Their magnificence will captivate you.
  2. In the center of the historical part, you can see many different ancient monuments. One of them is the remains of the Babylonian fortress. The atmosphere of the entire city will undoubtedly leave you an unrepeatable impression.
  3. You will experience some of the city’s rush in Midan El-Tahreer Square. Here you will be at the center of all the events. And here you can enjoy a wide range of local specialties, cafes as well as shops.

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Basic information about the metro in Cairo

Cairo’s metro started its operation in 1987. The metro was built after the number of people using urban public transport rose rapidly. Egypt thus gained its primacy in the Arab world among countries with an underground transport system. Interestingly, carriages were used in the Cairo subway, which only serves to transport women without the presence of men. These wagons are marked with a red or green stripe. However, cars with a green stripe can use men after 20 o’clock.

The Metro currently has 3 lines and the total route length is 77.9 km, spread over 61 stations. By 2020, Line 4 should also be opened and put into operation.

Fare and tickets

Until last year, the fare 1 EGP (equivalent to $ 1.2) was one trip, independent of the distance traveled. A new price list is in place since 2017. Now you pay for one 2 EGP ride and for discounted fares, for children and students, 1 EGP. A new price list, which will depend on the distance traveled, should enter into force this year. For the 9 stations, you will pay 3 EGPs, 5 EGPs for 16 stations and 7 EGPs for more than 16 stations. The favored fare should again be a half less.

You can easily buy tickets at any metro station.

Download Cairo metro map in PDF

For better resolution, click on the image

The list of all metro stations in Cairo

Line 1

Ain Helwan
Helwan University
Wadi Hof
Hadayek Helwan
Torah El-Asmant
Tora El-Balad
Sakanat El-Maadi
Hadayek El-Maadi
But El-Salam
El-Zahraa ‚
Mar Girgis
El-Malek El-Saleh
Al-Sayeda Zeinab
Saad Zaghloul
Manshiet El-Sadr
Kobri El-Qobba
Hammamat El-Qobba
Saray El-Qobba
Hadayeq El-Zaitoun
Helmeyet El-Zaitoun
Ain Shams
Ezbet El-Nakhl
New El-Marg

Line 3

Ahmed Galal
Omar Ibn El-Khattab
Keba ‚
El-Nozha 2
El-Nozha 1
Nadi El-Shams
Alf Maskan
Heliopolis Square
Koleyet El-Banat
Fair Zone
Abdou Pasha
Bab El-Shaaria
Kit Kat
Sudan St.
El-Kawmeya Al-Arabiya
Ring Road
El-Farag Axis
Wadi El-Nil
Gamaat El Dowal Al-Arabiya
Bulaq El-Dakroor
Cairo University



All 3 metro lines are in operation every day, from 5 am to 1 am. The exception is the likeness of Ramadan, during which the metro starts one hour earlier and ends an hour later. You rarely wait for more than a few minutes on the metro. The difficulty of the rides depends on the specific route, day and time. You can find out exactly the timetable without any problems on the spot.

Bus service

It is very easy to travel by bus as well. Bus transport is more time consuming and you can stay on crowded roads. You can best use it for transportation to other cities or excursions around. You can easily find timetable information directly on site.


Another possibility of transport is a taxi, which is very widespread in the city. You pay for it quite a bit of money. However, we recommend that you use the UBER application, where you have the first free coupon for free!

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Whether you choose to visit Cairo for any reason, we wish you a lot of interesting experiences from this place. We hope that our article has helped you and that you now have a bigger idea not only about the city itself but mainly about how to move around it.

We will be glad to share your impressions of Cairo with us in the comments below, and if you want to add a photo of the tours to it.